Things you should know

  • Heat Pump Efficiency Tips
  • Regular Cleaning

Be sure that your machine is unplugged before you begin any cleaning of your unit.

By keeping all of the mechanical parts of your commercial refrigerator clean, you are taking the first step to keeping your unit healthy and reducing your operating costs.  There are several parts on a unit that should be cleaned regularly.

  • Condenser Coil

The condenser coil location on a unit can vary, and can be found either by checking the owner’s manual or asking the installation technician to point the unit out to you. This part should be cleaned regularly to keep it free of dust, dirt grease and lint.

Clean the condenser coil with a commercial condenser coil cleaner, which can be purchased at many kitchen equipment retailers. Brush the condenser fins from top to bottom and never side to side. Once you have completed scrubbing the fins, straighten any bent fins

  • Fan Blades and Motor

The blades and motor on commercial refrigeration should also be cleaned.   Cleaning is done with a soft cloth run over both the motor and the fan blades. If it is necessary the blades and guards can be removed and washed with soap and water.

  • Interior

It is important to remember not to use any steel wool, caustic cleaning chemicals or bleach when cleaning the interior of your refrigerated unit. These products can not only cause damage to the finish of the refrigerator, but they can leave behind strong chemical scents that can affect the flavor of the food. Use a solvent of warm water and mild soap to clean the inside of your unit.

At least once a month check the door gaskets.  Wash the gaskets with soap and water. Make sure each gasket is making a good seal around door opening.  Call and we can replace any torn or warn gasket that you may have.

Shelves should also be removed and cleaned at least once a week.

  • Preventative Maintenance

Invest in a preventive maintenance program custom designed to meet your needs. Shenandoah Refrigeration’s’ technicians are trained to spot potential problems before they become a troublesome reality. Many times replacing a relatively cheap part during routine inspection can prevent paying much more to fix the damage that may be caused further down the road.

For example:
If you require service for a broken belt, it will cost approximate $165 to fix it if the mechanic has the correct size. That same belt caught and replaced during a regular inspection before it breaks may cost only $17.50.  Most major repair cost is due to a lack of proper care of your refrigeration equipment.  Units operating with a dirty condenser create excessive heat on the compressor.  Most compressor failures are due to dirty condensers.  Excessive heat form dirty condensers also cause contaminates within the system.  These contaminates will restrict the refrigerant flow reducing efficiency and premature compressor failures.

Taking care of the basic components of your refrigerator can lead to a much longer lifetime and lessen the hassle for you as the owner. It may mean taking extra time and little bit of extra money in the short term, but getting extra years out of your machine makes up for it in the long run.